Welcome to EnvisionED K-12

Generations change and landscapes morph. The challenges for higher education institutions to keep pace and build long-term sustainability are constant. In turn, the individuals who run a school must stay alert, educated, and inspired in order to lead.

Running a school is much like running a business and it comes with a whole host of challenges. Technology evolution, changes in learning facilitation, sustainability, personal safety, data security, brand relevance, and community relations weigh on the collective minds of the facilities and planning personnel of an institution. In many ways, you need to become a master juggler.

Welcome to EnvisionED K-12—an endeavor to support your juggling act through thoughtful stories, inspiration and useful insights. EnvisionED K-12 was created from listening to K-12 business officers, including facilities and planning personnel across the country. We discovered that there is a community that craves new ideas, strategies, and an ongoing dialogue about the issues you face each and every day.

Sponsoring this content platform allows us to research the items you may not have time to look into on your own, and to join the conversation.

EnvisionED K-12 also will provide us an opportunity to listen. We believe that creating thoughtful content is a great way to give back. And much like the community of K-12 business leaders, Canon’s corporate philosophy, Kyosei, is rooted in a determination to live and work together for the common good. EnvisionED K-12 will be focused on supporting your greater good through the creation of thoughtful and useful content about what matters to you most.

We know you maintain a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We share this commitment and will provide you the type of content that will aid your efforts to secure your current community and build a robust future.

We really hope you enjoy EnvisionED K-12. We are excited to bring it to you and we are even more thrilled with the people we have connected with and the wonderful ideas they have shared. Together, we can make a difference.

Warmest regards,

Peter Kowalczuk
Canon Solutions America